One to One Tutoring

What can I learn?

You won’t get more valuable knowledge in less time than this! Booking your personal professional photographer and photo editing artist at really affordable rates. A single hour with Aris will propel your abilities forward and will put things into perspective.

It does not matter what level you are at. Whether a complete beginner, ambitious hobbyist or even a semi-pro who’d like to develop skillsets in a specific area: come pick Aris’ brain and get answers or let him improve your skills by doing practical tasks together.

Aris can cover:

• camera handling

• advanced shooting techniques

• fixing frequent problems you encounter

• introduction/improvement on studio photography

• directing a photo model

• photo editing (from raw processing to heavy lifting beauty retouching or complex photo montages)

• professional design software, like building layouts in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator (like Brochures, Magazines, Logos, catalogues, your own corporate identity) 

Why is this for me?

You might be short on time, possibly your (new) family or career make your hours too precious to visit our group courses. Maybe you have specific topics you want covered. Talk to us and we’ll create a custom teaching programme. For instance: the contents of the basic photo course can typically be taught to a single person in about half the time of the regular group’s course time.

Aris can also do professional training in a business environment. You rely on photography or design in your work? Get professional training by the hour (also on site in your business/home possible).

What level do I need to be at?

All levels welcome! Aris will avoid complicated jargon and explain complicated topics in easily understandable ways.


Prices per hour get cheaper the more consecutive hours are booked.


Your preferred date/time

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4h: 280.- / 5h: 350.-