“Shoot your partner”

(quick studio training followed by assisted photo shoot)

What is the benefit?

Had enough of dinner dates or going for a movie? A photo session is a unique experience for every couple. It can be romantic between lovers or just a fun time between good friends. And the best part is: You will have a wonderful set of studio portraits that you take home with you while having gotten a quick introduction into studio portrait photography.

You can submit samples of a desired photo style or specific setup that you want to recreate. Or you can just come by and get a recommendation by Aris of a suitable setup. 

Most cameras are capable of controlling our studio lights, so you can use your own camera (or use one of ours, if you prefer). In a 45–60min introduction, you will set up the studio with our tutor and learn how to adjust all the settings. Our studio equipment includes a variety of light formers, which you can use on up to 4 powerful studio flashes. In the remaining time your partner can pose for you. Aris can help with directing or tips on posing. He will assist and be there to solve any problems or questions or can step out and give you your privacy.

Why is this for me?

One of you two is passionate about photography and the partner or friend wants to give him/her the ultimate present. Or you just want a fun time together and get some photos as mementos of this experience. Or maybe you want nude photography or boudoir photos of your partner and prefer shooting them yourself.

Benefit from getting both: a quick introduction into shooting with studio equipment as well as studio shooting time included in one price.

What level do I need to be at?

All levels welcome! Depending on your existing knowledge, Aris’ assistance can range from teaching first-time studio users to stepping in only, when needed, if you are versed with studio lights. Should you not be interested in learning studio photography, we can also just choose a setup with you and make all the adjustments/camera settings, so you just concentrate on shooting.

What will it cost?

This activity starts from 129.- Euro for 1.5 hours. Should you prefer more time every additional hour costs 55 Euro (this includes equipment and studio fee as well as our tutor’s time).

“Shoot your partner” is the ideal gift and we can prepare a personalised gift voucher for you at no additional cost. 


Your preferred date/time


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