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Take better Photographs

by getting to know your Camera

Fun Courses for all Levels

Basic Course

Advanced Course

Studio Portrait Course

Unlock your DSLR camera’s amazing potential in this full-day course aimed at both: people with basic knowledge and total beginners alike. Participants will learn to shoot in manual and semi-manual modes and find the right exposure by controlling aperture, shutter speed and ISO.


€ 139.-

max. 6

4h    4h   4h 

€ 225.-

max. 6

€ 175.-

max. 4

4h   4h

Now that you are using all shooting modes naturally, it’s time to dig deeper and tackle problems,  like understanding histograms and white balance, RAW vs Jpeg  and mixing Flash with daylight. This 3-session course will also cover composition and „reading each others’ photos“.

Expressive portraiture uses light to create moods. Get the most comprehensive & fun introduction to controlling (studio) lights. In 2 action-packed days participants will create effective light set ups, shoot their own studio portraits and (on day 2) explore a range of digital editing options.

One to One Tutoring

„Shoot your partner“

(assisted photoshoot)

Knowledge is the best

present: Gift Vouchers

Get your specific questions answered by a professional photographer. Fix recurring problems/gaps in your knowledge. Enjoy your custom made tutoring suited to your level, at your own pace and location. Tutoring is also excellent for improving your editing skills and new techniques.

1,5 h

€ 129.-


The ideal gift! Or just a treat for both of you. Create professional studio photos of your partner shot by yourself.  Never shot in a studio before? No problem! Get a quick introduction and assistance by our professional tutor.

Your loved one is into photography. Look no further! Our courses (or tuition) make for an excellent present! We offer beautiful personalised vouchers (delivered quickly by email upon payment). Get your loved one a lasting gift: knowledge.


Perfect Learning Environment

Professional Tuition

Our tutor has broad professional experience while being extremely passionate and entertaining.

Small Groups

Everyone gets a high level of attention and personal tips. Classes are no larger than 6 students.

Early Bird Rates

Book the course early and
get up to 10% Discount. 

Hands-on Exercises

We leave enough time to let you consolidate your knowledge and find out how it works on your camera.

Course Notes

All students of our courses receive a printed copy of course notes with a summary and useful tips.

FREE Camera Hire

No camera? No problem! We have cameras for our participants. Get advice for your next purchase too.

„Full of Energy, tons of knowledge“

This is what some of our participants had to say:

As a full-time traveller, I use photography as a way of capturing the beauty of the places and people I come across as I make my way around the world. Aris' concise, practically-oriented, well-organized and hugely fun course (the content of which I have been putting into practice every day since!) was, frankly, priceless - Aris has taught me how to make the most of even the most basic equipment to produce high-quality, eye-catching photographs. Highly, highly recommended!

– Julia Haremska, Basic & Advanced Course, One to One Tuition

Thank you so much for all the help in making me take better photos! I have been proudly showing off my awesome photos from my last business trip to the Seychelles!

– Cecilia Melero, Advanced Photo Course Participant

All those things I thought I knew!  It was like a jigsaw, where all the pieces finally fell into place.

– Adriana Banciu, Advanced Course Participant

My girlfriend and I wanted tasteful boudoir photos of her. I felt a little uncomfortable with the idea of her posing for some guy. Instead, I got to shoot the photos myself with my own camera in a professional studio. The tutor showed me two crazy good light setups before we got started and was available during the shoot, too. Our bedroom now has an impressive canvas print. We are both very proud and happy that we dared to do this. And it was a bucket load of fun too!

– a very happy couple ;-)

Loved it! Will come back for more.

– Angelika Holzmann, Basic Course Participant



upon request  10h–14h &

second session* 10h–14h

& third session* 10h–14h

*session 2 & 3 dates will be chosen by participants during 1st session

Your preferred date/time
*all units/hours of the block to be used on the same date


Your preferred date/time



upon request 10h–14h

The 2nd session date

decided by the participants

I just bought my own basic studio equipment. Since doing the studio portrait course, I started using expressive lighting for my photos. I love capturing people. The photos are on a whole new level now. Recently, I got a last minute private prep before a big (paid) shoot. Couldn’t have done without it.

– Jessica Burns, Studio Portrait Course and One to One Tuition

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I really enjoyed the advanced photo course. The combination of theory and exercises helped me understand much better how to achieve the results I was aiming for.

– Allison O’Reilly, Advanced Photo Course Participant

Instead of simply getting instructions on how to use one’s camera, Aris supplied me with a real understanding of what’s going on inside the camera an how to manipulate light and optics, albeit in easily comprehensible explanations. This deeper understanding allows me to make more deliberate decisions and get much better photographs.

– Andreas Roesler-Schmidt, Basic & Advanced Course Participant

in 2021 (Sun) 10h–17h